11 thoughts on “Patreon Content: Individual Top 30 Lists: James Fox”

      1. We’re sorry to hear that. As James Fox already mentioned here: nothing changes for our non-Patreon readers. None of the content that you used to get for free is now behind a paywall. Patreon subscribers get some extra perks; things we did not do in the past and that we do extra work for now, to thank them for helping us keep the site afloat. We hope to continue to see you here for the free content that FutureSox has always offered.

  1. It’s just some extra perks for people who are contributing. We never posted individual lists before and we aren’t charging for anything that’s been free in the past. Thanks for reading!

  2. I am a Patreon Supporter but I am getting an error every time I try to read this article. I looked for some kind of technical support page but I couldn’t find anything. Thank you for your help!

  3. We’re aware of the issues with Patreon and are working hard to fix them. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as fixing a typo, so please stay tuned. We hope to have you all sorted out as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!

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