Jun 24th, 2009

Draft Report: Daniel Black

By Jeff Buchanan

Dan Black was drafted by the Sox in the 14th round out of Purdue after a very successful college career. He’s a big guy measuring in at 6’4”, 220 pounds and spent a large amount of his time at Purdue playing the catcher position. The White Sox have other plans for him though as they drafted him as a first baseman and that is the position at which he has started his pro career.

When doing my research on Black I found it very hard to find any negatives about him, and believe me I tried. His numbers are fantastic, he was a career .313 hitter at Purdue with lots of power and a phenomenal ability to get on base with him tying a Big 10 record for walks in a season with 62 this year. Then I started delving into the scouting reports expecting to find lots of negatives on his bat speed but nothing, all the reports I read indicated the same things as the numbers, plus raw power, a great ability to get on base and also a very strong arm. So this is where Black really started puzzling me as the reports and numbers don’t match the 14th round draft grade, so I sent some E-mails out to people in the industry to try and dig up anything and thus far the only negative report I’ve received was from Baseball America’s John Manuel (via Aaron Fitt, thanks for that!) with him saying “The feeling is that he doesn’t have a position. No scouts loved him and I didn’t put him high on the Indiana list. I just don’t think teams believe in him much and my guess is he put out a higher number than teams were willing to go for.”

Black may end up nothing more than a Jeremy Brown-lite but at the same time it’s very possible that he’s just flown under the scouts’ radar due to a purported lack of athleticism or projectability and it’s safe to say that he’s on my list of sleepers from the ’09 draft.

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  1. Great write-up Seven. On a sidenote, you easily have one of the coolest names ever. Black sounds like an intriguing fit and given how the Sox appear to target bats for the catching spot I’m surprised we didn’t see the Sox try Black out there. I wonder if they might try him at 3B or left. Either way lets hope he hits, cause if he hits, teams will be interested in trading for him and the Sox will do whatever they need to find him a position and with a strong arm he could definitely fit at 3B or the OF.

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