Nov 17th, 2009

Sit Down With Brent Morel

By Tony82087

White Sox hitting prospect and Dash third basemen Brent Morel took some time recently to have a conversation with FutureSox’s Anthony Mazzuca. Morel was a third round pick of the White Sox in 2008 after spending three years at Cal Poly. The slick fielding Morel was named best defensive third basemen of the Carolina League, and has his sights set on Chicago.

What member of the Sox organization has been the biggest key to your success to this point?

I don’t know if I could point out one person… All the different rovers and coaches have helped me with different parts of my game. I feel like I have improved in every facet of the game since signing with the White Sox.

Have you had any interaction with Buddy Bell?
Yes, I’ve been pretty fortunate to have Buddy Bell as my minor league coordinator. Not only is he a nice, well-respected guy, he was a great third baseman. He’s helped me out a lot with different things at third base.

I read some of your pre-draft scouting reports the last few days. Some mentioned you being able to possibly play catcher at some point? I know you are considered a plus defensive 3B, but would a switch even be realistic?

Before I was drafted, I heard some people talking about maybe switching; but the White Sox were never a team that wanted to make me a catcher and I haven’t heard anything from them about switching positions.

That leads me to my next question. Have the White Sox given you any indication on where they want to play you long term? Have they sat you down and sort of drawn out a plan?

As far as I know, the Sox want me to stay at third. Every conversation I have had with the rovers and coordinators is trying to improve at 3rd.

How much improvement do you think you need? I know you were voted best defensive 3B in the Carolina League this last year, which had to be a nice honor.

Yes it was nice being honored that from the coaches in the league, but I don’t think there is ever a time to stop improving. I’ll have this off-season to help improve my speed and quickness, and on the field you can never get too many reps to read hops.

Lets talk a little about the AFL. You replaced Dayan Viciedo, who went down with an injury. What were you doing before then? Just normal off-season stuff?

Ya I played in the Instructional League for about a month then I drove back home and was relaxing and letting my body recover a little bit. I was only home for a little over a week when Buddy Bell called me and told me that I had a chance to come play in the AFL. It was nice relaxing but I was really excited for the opportunity to come out here and play.

How has the experience been?

I’ve really enjoyed myself out here. We have a real good group of guys on our team that are fun to be around. It’s been nice getting to play with some of the elite players in the minor leagues.

Anyone really stick out to you? Maybe one guy on your squad, and one guy you have played against that you just say “Damn, this guy is going to be a Major League All Star.”

There are a ton of guys in the fall league that will be future All Stars but the guy probably having the best season is Grant Desme. I’ve played against him in high school and with him at college so its been nice seeing him do so well out here.

Any idea where you may be starting the year? Back in A ball, or do you think you will be starting for the Barons in AA?

My goal is to start in AA but its really out of my control. I’m just going to try and get in the best shape for spring training and go from there

Being as “fair” as possible, what is an optimistic projection for yourself in the majors? What kind of hitter do you see yourself as?

That is tough to answer. I still know there are some things that I need to improve on in my swing before I will be able to contribute to the major league club.

Anything in particular?

Well my whole life I’ve been a guy who hits for a pretty good average and can drive in some runs so hopefully that’s the hitter I’ll be in the major leagues too

You’re from Bakersfield, correct? Who did you grow up rooting for? Still a fan of that team?

Ya, I grew up liking Cal Ripken Jr. so i followed the Orioles till he retired. Since then I haven’t really had a favorite team.

Alright, now for the fun stuff. Top 3 favorite movies?
Shawshank, The Rock, and pretty much any comedy. It’s so hard to pick just one.

Do you have a specific walk up music?

Not really.. I change it a lot. This year I had “Bring Sally Up” by Moby from Gone In 60 Seconds and “8 second ride” by Jake Owen… I pretty much only listen to country music so anything country would work for a walk up song.

I’ve heard you’re a big “Office” fan. Favorite character?

Ya my favorite TV show has to be Seinfeld but The Office is up there. Dwight has to be my favorite from The Office for many reasons but I don’t think there’s a better character on TV than Kramer.

That should just about do it Brent. Myself and everyone at FutureSox would just like to thank you for your time, and look forward to seeing you up with the big club soon.

Thanks, anytime guys. would like to again thank Brent for his time.

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4 Responses

  1. Good stuff. I didn’t know Desme went to Cal Poly as well.

  2. I think he went to San Diego out of high school and then transferred. I could be wrong though. Good athelete.

  3. His Baseball Cube page says San Diego State for a year. EIther way, still pretty cool.

  4. Grant Desme transferred to Cal Poly after a year at San Diego State. While at Poly he played right field while Morel played at third and second.

    While at Cal Poly, Desme was named Big West Players of the Year, Won the Big West Conference’s triple crown and was the only first team D-I All-American in the Western US and State of California. If not for having had his wrist broken by a errant pitch in the next to last series of his junior year, Desme, who put up unreal numbers would have been a first round draft pick.

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